I own a construction company that specializes in residential remodeling. Over our 31 years in business we have had to periodically confront the problem of oil and or rust stains on our client’s concrete driveways. Your BZT products have always come to the rescue and bailed us out of what could have been a series of very expensive driveway replacements.

On a more personal level, my wife an I own several rental properties. Recently, after one of our tenants moved out, we found that even though their lease did not allow them to have pets in the house, they kept a dog in the garage, against the lease covenants. The concrete floor was permeated with urine and feces and the odors were overwhelming. Our initial approach to ridding ourselves of this problem was to power wash the floor with a commercial power washing machine. A yellow flood of water left the garage and we thought we had rid ourselves of the problem only to find that once the floor dried the odor returned. We then had the firm that does our carpet cleaning, steam clean the floor only to find that this effort did not improve the results. With a new tenant about to occupy the property we scratched our heads and then called United-Tech. You were kind enough to stay at your office after hours and provided us with customized instructions on how to deal with the problem through the application of your product Following your instructions to a T, we were able to remove the odor the next day. Thanks for your help and a great family of products.