Environmental Biotechnology and Sustainable Aquaculture

One of our corporate goals is to provide a variety of proven, high-quality, and natural biological products to aquaculture farms, hatcheries, and producers who can use them to proactively manage stress, maintain pristine water quality, and control bacterial/viral infections.

Our Aquaculture History Spans Over 30 Years

BZT® products have a long history in the aquaculture industry. Initial product formulations were developed for domestic trout farming operations in the mid-1990s. Our breakthrough came with a 1997 United Nations Development Programme funded study looking for natural solutions to the failing shrimp production and associated environmental destruction in Southeast Asia. As a part of this study the researchers first wanted to determine which of over one hundred bioaugmentation products on the market offered the best benefits for their study. After several trials they finally selected two products for their study, BZT® Aquaculture and BZT® Waste Digester. From this, our reputation for being among the best manufacturers offering some of the best products in the industry grew exponentially.

Distributors in various Asian and Latin America countries were trained on how best to use our products and we quickly expanded into the market. It has been a bumpy ride over these past three decades. New diseases arose which continually challenged the market. With each, we developed ways to overcome these new diseases by altering treatment protocols. In some cases, farms using BZT® products completely evaded serious outbreaks or harvest failures. We are proud to say we have distributors and clients who have been with us for at least 20 years.

Benefits of BZT® in Aquaculture

We offer four products for the aquaculture industry: BZT® Aquaculture, BZT® Waste Digester, BZT® PRO-LB, and BZT® PRE-GE. Each offers its own benefits to the industry. All four are designed to work together to help solve/prevent problems associated with the culture of fish and shrimp.

BZT® Waste Digester and BZT® Aquaculture are our flagship products used in the aquaculture industry.

BZT® Waste Digester’s strength lies in its ability to break down and digest organic matter, both solid and dissolved. This helps reduce buildup of bottom solids created from decaying feed and culture fatalities. Some microorganisms in BZT® Waste Digester are floc formers, recycling dead decaying matter into a readily-available food source. Cleaner pond bottoms reduce the breeding grounds for pathogens and the generation of hydrogen sulfide.

BZT® Aquaculture’s forte is the control of nitrogenous compounds. Routine applications reduce toxic ammonia and nitrite concentrations. Controlling nitrogenous compounds also helps maintain phytoplankton density, allowing better control of Secchi readings.

BZT® PRO-LB and BZT® PRE-GE were developed to focus strictly on culture health and not water quality.

BZT® PRO-LB is a probiotic formulation for the aquaculture industry. It contains multiple strains of Lactobacillus species and is designed to improve gut health. It is formulated to be mixed in with feed, either during manufacturing or at the farm.

BZT® PRE-GE is a prebiotic that utilizes yeast derived beta-glucans and oligosaccharides. Both have been shown to improve gut health and reduce pathogen activity. BZT® PRE-GE also contains naturally-source Vitamin E, an immunostimulant.

Learn More about BZT® PRO-LBLearn More about BZT® PRE-GE

For maximum benefits all four products can be used during culture. However, often the best return on investment lies with the use of one, two, or even three of them. Your local distributor will help you determine which product or products will offer you the best results based on current culture conditions and desired treatment goals.

Expected Benefits of BZT® products include:

  • Reduction of Bottom Solids
  • Reduction of Toxic compounds like NH3, NO2, and H2S
  • Reduction of Vibrios and other pathogens
  • Reduction of Water Exchange
  • Reduction of antibiotic and chemical use
  • Increased Survival and Improved FCR
  • Increased biomass, ABW, and total harvest
  • Effective for all varieties of warm water shrimp and fish
  • Effective in fresh, brackish, and salt water

BZT® products are completely safe for humans, plants, animals, and the environment. Our products are manufactured and packaged in our Tulsa, OK USA facility using USA-sourced, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients. Using BZT® provides better biosecurity, traceability, and sustainability for aquaculture markets.

BZT® products are available for bulk purchases in Cases of twelve one-pound packs, twenty-pound Plastic Pails, and fifty-pound bulk Boxes.  To order, please contact your local representative to learn more about ordering bulk quantities of BZT® products.