For 12 years, BZT products continue to provide us the needed probiotic treatment both in the conventional open water exchange system, and the new trend of no or limited water exchange, bioaugmented pond management system.

Chris CoCarcar Prawn Farm, Philippines

This past summer I have used Aquaculture microbes from United-Tech for algae control in garden ponds and koi ponds in Denmark.  The treatments have been a success. The pond owners are impressed. They report that filamentous algae turn sickly brown and then die. Planktonic algae are harder to affect but in most cases the water changes from green and murky to a much clearer condition.

Benjamin NielsenNielsenNatur

We have no reservations in recommending BZT Aquaculture to anyone. Everyone who buys a filter from us gets a start of BZT Aquaculture. We want our customers to start their ponds with the best product on the market. We are thankful for this product because it allows us to achieve optimum water quality.

Tony A.Koi Country

We finally have a proven solution. We applied BZT Waste Digester just 48 hours before our Japanese Super Grand Touring event. We were pleasantly relieved to see our drain lines flowing freely, no more backflows at the toilets, and there was definitely no offensive odor permeating from the toilet areas!

Azhar Abd RahmanSepang International Circuit

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory’s Horticulture Department has been using United-Tech’s BZT Aquaculture and Waste Digester products for close to 15 years to combat algae in all of our water gardens both inside and outside with great success. With the helpful guidance of the company owner we have developed a program that allows for efficiency in the use of the products with clear water as our result. We are grateful to have a natural product that is safe for all the living things that come in contact with it.


Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Pond

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Pond

Karen DiggsHorticulture Supervisor Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, St. Paul, MN

I have been using BZT on a pond in my back yard for the past ten years. It has worked well to keep the water clear with little fuss and no harsh chemicals. I put in two tablespoons every three days. It does not affect my water plants or any of the insects, frogs or ducks that come to visit, especially my bees. I am extremely happy with the product.

Joe T.Homeowner using BZT

The application of the BZT Waste Digester has improved the water quality tremendously and cut done aeration time and cost. We now applied it in all the ponds even where water quality seem manageable we still applied it. This is because the BZT Waste Digester converts all left over feeds into useful products for the shrimp to feed on. We are now relief of bad water quality management and focusing on the expansion of the farm. We also recommend the BZT Waste Digester to any shrimp farmer 100 % without any reservation for it application. CLICK link below to read the entire testimonial.


Shrimp Farm in GhannaFarm Manager

I own a construction company that specializes in residential remodeling. Over our 31 years in business we have had to periodically confront the problem of oil and or rust stains on our client’s concrete driveways. Your BZT products have always come to the rescue and bailed us out of what could have been a series of very expensive driveway replacements.

On a more personal level, my wife an I own several rental properties. Recently, after one of our tenants moved out, we found that even though their lease did not allow them to have pets in the house, they kept a dog in the garage, against the lease covenants. The concrete floor was permeated with urine and feces and the odors were overwhelming. Our initial approach to ridding ourselves of this problem was to power wash the floor with a commercial power washing machine. A yellow flood of water left the garage and we thought we had rid ourselves of the problem only to find that once the floor dried the odor returned. We then had the firm that does our carpet cleaning, steam clean the floor only to find that this effort did not improve the results. With a new tenant about to occupy the property we scratched our heads and then called United-Tech. You were kind enough to stay at your office after hours and provided us with customized instructions on how to deal with the problem through the application of your product Following your instructions to a T, we were able to remove the odor the next day. Thanks for your help and a great family of products.

Edward KaplanBuckingham Group

My association with your firm, United-Tech, Inc. and the BZT product continues to aid in the annual renewal of our contract. Your BZT microbial product along with continued support of your proprietary product design continues to provide sustainable and predictable results for our clients by preventing clogging due to excessive grease build up in the waste drain system and costly visits to each site to clean clogged drain lines.

Daniel OwensEnvironmental Compliance Consultants, Inc. Anchorage, AK

The company has excellent customer support and has answered my emails quickly. I hope they never stop manufacturing this product. It’s powdered gold for my ponds. I have had two rock bottom ponds for 14 years. They are contiguous 3,000 and 1,000 gal and contain koi, shebunkin and comet goldfish. Highly recommended!

Jo Bohannon MD