Environmentally Safe Drain & Septic Control

In drain lines, fat, oil, paper, food scraps and grease accumulate over time, creating blockages, foul odors, and maintenance headaches. In septic systems, harsh chemicals used in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries take their toll by destroying the biological balance of the system. Organic solids can accumulate in septic tanks or the drain field.

Restore Your System Naturally

BZT® Drain & Septic restores the optimal flow of drains and the biological health of septic systems – naturally and safely. Overtaxed or neglected septic systems can be restored without the need for costly excavations. Better yet, our beneficial microorganisms provide a powerful, non-corrosive alternative to chemical treatment, working overtime to eliminate odors and prevent problems before they arise. Simply apply BZT® Drain & Septic to ensure a lean, clean, trouble-free system.