Chris Co
Carcar Prawn Farm, Philippines

For 12 years, BZT products continue to provide us the needed probiotic treatment both in the conventional open water exchange system, and the new trend of no or limited water exchange, bioaugmented pond management system.

Benjamin Nielsen

This past summer I have used Aquaculture microbes from United-Tech for algae control in garden ponds and koi ponds in Denmark.  The treatments have been a success. The pond owners are impressed. They report that filamentous algae turn sickly brown and then die. Planktonic algae are harder to affect but in most cases the water changes from green and murky to a much clearer condition.

Tony A.
Koi Country

We have no reservations in recommending BZT Aquaculture to anyone. Everyone who buys a filter from us gets a start of BZT Aquaculture. We want our customers to start their ponds with the best product on the market. We are thankful for this product because it allows us to achieve optimum water quality.

Azhar Abd Rahman
Sepang International Circuit

We finally have a proven solution. We applied BZT Waste Digester just 48 hours before our Japanese Super Grand Touring event. We were pleasantly relieved to see our drain lines flowing freely, no more backflows at the toilets, and there was definitely no offensive odor permeating from the toilet areas!

Karen Diggs
Horticulture Supervisor Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, St. Paul, MN

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory’s Horticulture Department has been using United-Tech’s BZT Aquaculture and Waste Digester products for close to 15 years to combat algae in all of our water gardens both inside and outside with great success. With the helpful guidance of the company owner we have developed a program that allows for efficiency in the use of the products with clear water as our result. We are grateful to have a natural product that is safe for all the living things that come in contact with it.


Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Pond

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Pond

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