Composting is the natural way to take bio-degradable wastes and turn them into a value-added resource.

Compost is an excellent, nutrient-rich, soil amendment. BZT® Compost Activator is an all-natural microorganism- & enzyme-based formulation that enhances the composting process. Our microorganisms and enzymes are completely safe for humans, plants, animals, and the environment.

BZT® Compost Activator is one of the few, if not the only, product formulated specifically for composting that is listed by OMRI* for use in “Certified Organic Production of Food Processing and Handling” according to USDA** National Organic Program regulations. BZT® Compost Activator is also a certified USDA BioBased Product under the USDA BioPreferred® Program.

Industrial Strength Formulation

BZT® Compost Activator works by quickly utilizing readily-available biodegradable compounds as a fuel source to jump-start the composting process. This increases the rate of temperature climb for the composting pile. At the same time other microorganisms in BZT® Compost Activator are going to work breaking down more-complex organic compounds allowing them to add more fuel to the composting process. The result is a faster, more-complete composting process.

Complete Composting Solutions

The benefits of BZT® Compost Activator are the same no matter what size of operation. Independent published research attests to BZT® Compost Activator’s ability to improve the speed and quality of very large commercial composting operations. This same technology is available to the backyard composter. Both will realize the same results – Better compost in shorter time!

BZT® Compost Activator is available for consumer use in one-pound, re-sealable packs. Commercial/Industrial users will prefer bulk packaging as Cases [12 one-pound packs each], 20-lb resealable Pails, and 50-lb bulk Boxes.

*OMRI – Organic Materials Review Institute
**USDA – United States Department of Agriculture