Harness the power of BZT® Xtra-Wet to replace harmful, corrosive degreasers.

The use of harsh chemical degreasers and volatile compounds has resulted in negative environmental impacts and increased limits and bans by regulatory agencies. In our continued commitment to find environmentally safe solutions, we have produced BZT® Xtra-Wet to tackle this very issue.

BZT® Xtra-Wet is a superior cleaner and wetting agent. It enhances the breakdown of oil and grease by increasing the moisture retention between microbes and their targeted food source. BZT® Xtra-Wet is also used in conjunction with other United-Tech formulas to enhance the breakdown of oils and greases. For example, BZT® Xtra-Wet releases the oil and grease from the floor so that the active microbes and enzymes in BZT® Waste Digester can immediately begin to digest it. Food service facilities are able to obtain complete cleanup without leftover slippery residue.