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Aquarium & Ponds

BZT® Aqua 4-U is formulated for small systems like aquariums. It helps keep water clean, reduces toxic ammonia and nitrite, and enhances biological filter performance. Koi, ornamental, and stock ponds are often plagued with issues related to overstocked fish, leaf/grass litter, and bird/animal wastes that can create poor water quality and a build-up of solids. Ponds require BZT® Koi & Pond to handle their larger volumes and loading conditions.
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Drains & Septic

Drainlines and septic systems are often overloaded with oils, greases, and other wastes that can build up over time creating flow and odor issues. Eventually a drainline will clog, a septic tanks fill with solids, or a drainfield will become saturated. Routine applications of BZT® Drain & Septic can prevent these issues from happening and even fix minor problems. For severe situations a customized treatment program can be designed using our industrial strength product BZT® Waste Digester.
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Composting by individual households and small businesses continues to grow as more people realize the benefits of recycling their organic wastes into a value-added product to be used as a nutrient-laden soil amendment. Our BZT® Compost Activator accelerates the composting process, providing better-quality compost in less time.
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