Mother Nature Approved

Incorporating a superior, concentrated blend of nongenetically altered microorganisms, enzymes, and nutrients, BZT® Waste Digester is the natural solution for biodegrading a wide range of organic waste. The success of BZT® Waste Digester ranges from small restaurant greasetraps to large multi-million-gallon lagoons, complete wastewater treatment plants, and even shrimp/prawn/fish farms. Wherever organic solids, dissolved organic compounds, or associated odors are present.

Flexible Applications

One word that can be used to describe BZT® Waste Digester is versatility.
BZT® Waste Digester is used to improve biotreatment performance and to reduce BOD/COD loads in municipal and industrial water treatment clarifiers, trickling filters, ponds, lagoons, activated sludge systems, and aerobic and anaerobic digesters.

In addition, BZT® Waste Digester is ideal for quickly breaking down grease and fat buildup in drains, sewer lines, and lift stations. BZT® Waste Digester is also used as a feed ingredient in the Aquaculture industry, where its unique blend of enzymes and microorganisms offer prebiotic and probiotic benefits.

BZT® Waste Digester is a certified United States Department of Agriculture BioBased Product under the USDA BioPreferred® Program.

USDA Certified Biobased Product