Aquariums & Ponds


Balance is key for Aquarium Health

When you compare large ponds, small ponds, and aquariums a general rule of thumb is that the smaller the system, the more difficult it is to maintain balance. This rule is well known to aquarium hobbyists. In a ‘natural aquatic system, various microorganisms work together to remove excess nutrients and maintain a balance in water-quality parameters. However, aquariums are almost always overstocked with fish, plants, or other organisms to a point that these microorganisms [free-floating and attached to surfaces] can no longer keep up with the load. To compensate, biological filters are added to handle the load of incoming nutrients. These filters add more surface area and rely on various microorganisms to capture excess nutrients and remove them from the system. But even these filters are subject to overload or environmental parameters that disturb their delicate balance.

The simple solution for an aquarium that is experiencing water-quality issues is most often to significantly reduce the number of fish. This is usually an undesirable solution for most aquarists. So, the other option is to increase the efficiency of the current system’s nutrient handling biota. This is where BZT® Aqua 4-U fits in. BZT® Aqua 4-U contains a blend of microorganisms and enzymes, formulated specifically to help maintain water-quality and biofilter performance. Solids are broken down and eliminated while nitrogen compounds like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are reduced or eliminated.

All this means a more-aesthetically pleasing aquarium and a healthier environment for the fish, plants, and other organisms that live there.


Beautiful Ponds Require Proper Maintenance

Ponds are unique environments that very often are pushed to the limits of stability due to the amount of nutrients that enter the system. These nutrients enter via several pathways: Intentionally, through fish feed or unintentionally through leaves, grass, and animal wastes. Typically, a pond will compensate for such overloading until it reaches a point where it no longer can remain stable. Symptoms of this condition include a build-up of sludge, elevated toxins [ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate], algae, and clogged biological filters. Bioaugmentation products like BZT® offer an all-natural solution to your pond’s health issues. Our blends of microorganisms and enzymes work together to shift your pond’s ecosystem back to one that is more efficient at compensating for nutrient overload. Bottom and filter sludges are reduced and eliminated. Problematic nitrogen compounds like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are biologically reduced providing a cleaner, healthier environment.

BZT® Koi & Pond is typically the best option for most backyard pond projects. Its formulation and packaging suits the needs of these ponds’ size and common conditions. For larger ponds (>2000 gallons, depending on severity of problems) requiring more product or experiencing significant problems with water clarity, bottom sludge, or biological filter problems, our industrial products BZT® Aquaculture or BZT® Waste Digester may be more appropriate.

For more assistance, please use the contact form on this page. Include relative information about your pond’s size, amount/size of fish, plants, aeration, fountains/waterfall, filtration, and any water-quality information (pH, temperature, ammonia, nitrate, etc.) you may have. Please also describe the problems you are experiencing. A United-Tech representative will contact you and determine which product(s) will best suit your needs and offer a customized treatment procedure to best meet your treatment goals.

BZT® Koi & Pond, BZT® Aquaculture, and BZT® Waste Digester are available for purchase in our Store in individual, re-sealable packs. All products have a two-year shelf life when stored in a cool dry environment. For purchases of larger quantities, please contact United-Tech directly to obtain bulk purchasing options and pricing.