Restaurants & Commercial Buildings

Restaurants and Commercial buildings have a set of unique problems related to wastewater, greasetraps, drainlines, oil & grease, and odors.

The product of choice for most of these situations is BZT® Waste Digester, a natural solution to these waste-generated issues. BZT® Xtra-Wet, a powerful, non-caustic degreaser is often used in conjunction with BZT® Waste Digester to help degrease non-porous surfaces like stainless steel, glass, and flooring.

Natural Solution for Drainline, Grease Trap, and Discharge Permit Issues

There are several benefits BZT® products offer restaurants, commercial kitchens, strip malls, hotels, residential buildings, and other facilities requiring on-site maintenance or pre-treatment.

BZT® Waste Digester’s natural ability to break down and digest oil and grease means it is very effective in drainlines and greasetraps. These systems are often plagued with the build-up of oils and greases, creating clogs and odor issues. The powerful microorganisms and enzymes in BZT® Waste Digester break down these contaminants and digests them, opening up drainlines and reducing odors. In grease traps and interceptors, BZT® Waste Digester reduces the build-up of solids and odors. Oils and greases are not just emulsified and sent downstream into the sewer. Our microorganisms break up the complex organic compounds into simpler easy to digest compounds and then finally converts them to simple biological byproducts of carbon dioxide and water. The process reduces Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) in the effluent and helps businesses maintain permitted levels while still reducing the build-up of solids and odors in the trap.

Clean and De-Grease Floors, Counters, and Other Surfaces

When very dirty, kitchens and manufacturing facilities clean their floors with a water solution containing BZT® Waste Digester and BZT® Xtra-Wet.

When floors are mopped with this solution, the build-up of oils, greases, and food wastes are partially broken down and released from the floor’s surface. The detergent/degreasing activity of BZT® Xtra-Wet keeps this gunk suspended in the wash solution. Once rinsed, the floors are visibly clean and much less slippery than what traditional floor cleaning detergents offer. Plus, disposal of wash-water down floor drains or sinks helps keep drainlines and greasetraps clean and odor free. BZT® Waste Digester / BZT® Xtra-Wet floor cleaning protocols are used in kitchens, restaurants, food processing facilities, garages, light and heavy industrial facilities, ships, schools, and many other places.

BZT® Xtra-Wet alone is a powerful, non-caustic degreaser that is safe to use on kitchen work surfaces, even food-contact surfaces. It leaves surfaces like stainless steel and glass squeaky-clean. For floors, cleaning with BZT® Xtra-Wet alone is a perfect cleaning solution when an aggressive approach using BZT® Waste Digester is not needed.