United-Tech provides free, ongoing support to our customers.

From detailed application protocols to Best Practice programs, our Technical Services Division provides in-depth product support to help realize your goals.

Unbeatable Service, Superior Products

Your systems are your strength. They must function at peak efficiency – without devastating your bottom line and without negatively impacting the environment. To achieve this, you need the highest level of products and technical service available in the industry.

After all, you purchased United-Tech products to dramatically improve your operation. We are here to deliver.

From start to finish, we help reduce maintenance costs, stabilize environmental conditions and extend the life of your system. We provide in-depth treatment protocols. We offer an arsenal of support programs, literature, and one-on-one communication. All at no additional cost.

Our Technical Service provides the following Programs:

Comprehensive Seed and Maintenance Applications
Preventative Maintenance Best Practices
Operating Efficiency Programs
ROI Increase Programs
Emergency Remediation Support
Rapid Deployment Support
Development and Integration Programs
Labor Training for Contracted Clients