Tailored for your Needs

United-Tech, Inc. offers several industrial-strength products under the BZT® and OBT® labels, formulated to offer solutions for a wide array of industries and applications. Aquaculture, wastewater, petrochemical, restaurant, commercial, and composting are just a few of the industries we work with. Wherever all-natural, environmentally-safe, biological solutions are desired for organic wastes issues and their associated odors.


PREVENT Stress and Maintain Water Quality

The Aquaculture Industry relies on safe and effective BZT® products to improve bottom solids, ammonia, diseases, and effluent problems. Our feed additives improve culture health and harvest rates. All products are equally effective in fresh, brackish, and salt environments.


MAXIMIZE Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Operations

The Wastewater Industry, whether it be Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural, or On-Site, utilizes our biological products to reduce and eliminate organic solids and odors and to control effluent quality. We offer customized protocols utilizing one or several BZT® products to meet the exact goals of treatment.


SUPPLEMENT Hydrocarbon Remediation and Wastewater Systems

The Petrochemical Industry requires special formulations that can reduce and eliminate hydrocarbon contamination in soil, water, wastewater, and other media.


RESOLVE Problems with Drainlines, Greasetraps, and Floors

Restaurants and Commercial Buildings have their special drain line, grease trap, and wastewater issues that can be solved using BZT® products. We also offer solutions for greasy floors and surfaces.


ACCELERATE the Composting Process

Large-scale composting operations are constrained by how fast they can achieve an acceptable finished product. BZT® Compost Activator offers an all-natural solution to speed up the biological process.