• Home & Commercial Aquariums.

    Home & Commercial Aquariums.

    AQUA 4U contains beneficial microorganisms and enzymes that digest organic waste, thereby improving the health and life cycle of aquatic species.

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  • Pristine Water Conditions

    Pristine Water Conditions

    Designed as an all-natural cleaning solution, BZT® AQUA 4U is a healthy part of maintaining a balanced and healthy eco-culture.

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  • Effective in Salt & Freshwater

    Effective in Salt & Freshwater

    BZT® Aqua 4-U can be used to treat a wide range of fish ponds, salt water aquariums, zoo water exhibits, and decorative fountains.

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Our Approach

BZT® AQUA 4U maintains pristine water conditions in home and commercial aquariums.

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