• <b>BZT® Wastewater</b> Digester

    BZT® Wastewater Digester

    From Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural to Hospitality & Residential, OBT® is the seed and maintenance culture of choice for the biodegradation of a wide range of organic wastes.

  • Improve Biotreatment <b>Performance</b>

    Improve Biotreatment Performance

    Treatment plants around the world use BZT® Waste Digester to improve biotreatment performance and reduce BOD/COD loads.

  • <b>Eco-Conscious</b> Biowaste Solutions

    Eco-Conscious Biowaste Solutions

    BZT® contains a targeted blend of organic microbial cultures, enzymes and starting nutrients that are environmentally stable.

Our Approach

BZT® products safely and naturally break down and digest organic matter. Excessive sludge, FOG, BOD, NH3, odors, or clogs, no matter what your problem, we have a solution.


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