Who We Are / Our Mission

Manufacturing Environmentally Responsible Solutions

Since we started business in 1993, our mission has never changed – Manufacture the highest quality, all-natural, microorganism/enzyme based formulas to reduce or eliminate chemical treatment in wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture, petroleum, commercial food service operations, residential systems, and more.

United-Tech offers products and designs treatment programs utilizing our BZT® and OBT® formulations to cover many situations, from large fish farms down to the smallest aquarium, from large municipal wastewater treatment plants to the backyard septic tank.

United-Tech, Inc.’s technology offers an alternative to chemicals, landfills, and incineration and our technical support and

High Quality Standards

Every action from ingredient procurement, to manufacturing, packaging, storing, and transportation focuses on the user receiving the highest quality product.

Our Technology

Our Technology relies on more than just excellent products. Our products are backed by our technical support personnel, enabling customers to obtain optimum benefits.

Global Distribution

United-Tech distributes our products globally through a network of Distributors. Local and fully trained personnel provide the same superior Technical Service to their customers as we do here.

Educated & Experienced

Support personnel are more than salespersons.  They have the knowledge and training to be able to understand your needs and provide optimal benefits from our products.

Science & Technology for a Better Environment

– United Tech, Inc. –

Why Work With Us

Experience Matters

Over Thirty Years of Successful Business says it all.

In an industry where manufacturers come and go, longevity is proof that we must be doing something right. Many of our Distributors and clients have been with us for two or three decades. This is one of the greatest testaments we can offer.

Quality Products

Product quality and integrity ensures Customers achieve optimum results.

We strive to manufacture the highest-quality ingredients using USA-sourced ingredients. All microorganisms are non-GMO and along with our enzymes are either AAFCO [Association of American Feed Control Officials] listed or defined USDA-GRAS [Generally Regarded As Safe]. Manufacturing a great product means nothing if the products deteriorate before use. That is why we use high-quality ingredients; stringent manufacturing processes; and reliable, user-friendly, packaging materials.

Quality Service

Superior products are only half the story.

Having a great product doesn’t mean much if it isn’t used properly. The unique characteristics of biologically-based products means that their performance can vary in different situations. A “One-Size Fits All” approach does not always work. Because of this, United-Tech offers complete customer support throughout the project, helping design treatment protocols and fine-tuning them along the way.

Our reputation is the proof!

– United Tech, Inc. –

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