United-Tech and Soluciones Analíticas Hold Seminar

United-Tech and Soluciones Analíticas offered an informational seminar attended by various industries in Guatemala.  The two-day seminar was held at the Bambú Resort in Mazatenango, Guatemala was attended by shrimp farm, palm-oil plant, rubber processing plant, and sugar-processing plant personnel.  Mr. Edgar Mena, Environmental Services Manager for Soluciones, and Mr. Randall Gradwohl, President of United-Tech presented the seminar.

Of course many topics of discussions were related to BZT® products, the problems they can solve, how they are used, and results that can be expected.  But the seminar was intended to provide more than just product-specific information.  Topics included general concepts of bioaugmentation practices and environmental factors frequently addressed by industries similar to those attending.  Capitalizing on Mr. Mena’s and Mr. Gradwohl’s combined knowledge of environmental chemistry and biochemistry, attendees were able to discuss their very specific concerns and learn options available to address them.