Two Products added to BZT® line

United-Tech now offers two new products in our BZT® line, PRE-GE and PRO-LB.  Both products are feed additives developed to provide more assistance to the aquaculture community and complement our other BZT® products.  Like our other products, these are formulated using all U.S.A.-sourced, all-natural ingredients.

BZT® PRE-GE is a prebiotic feed additive offering Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), β-1/3-1/6-glucans, and d-alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E).  MOS and β-glucans are derived from specific strains of yeast.  Unlike most competing products that use synthetic vitamin E, our vitamin E is 100% naturally derived from vegetable oil.  Naturally-sourced vitamin E is known to be much more effective than the synthetic varieties.

BZT® PRO-LB is a probiotic feed additive containing several Lactobacillus species, each shown to offer probiotic benefits in aquaculture practices.  Together they offer a powerful weapon for the aquaculture industry in the fight against diseases and other stressors that affect harvest potentials.

Together, BZT® PRE-GE and BZT® PRO-LB offer a powerful effective all-natural prophylactic approach to maintaining culture health.