Long-term Distributors Honored

Several distributors were recognized this year for their long-term commitment to BZT® and OBT® products for more than ten years.  ATC Biotechnology – Vietnam, BiWoFeng – China, BossTech – Peru, and Oversea Feeds – Philippines all have surpassed this benchmark and some are well on their way towards their second decade.

Recipients received a desktop statue depicting a scene from the American past with a cowboy leading his pack horse to a destination yet unknown.  A fitting representation of this special group of distributors’ involvement in the bioaugmentation industry many years ago while in its infancy and their continued resolve to promote BZT®/OBT® products in the ever-changing and challenging world of biotechnology.

So kudos to these four companies for their dedication to providing some of the best bioaugmentation products to their local markets.  Our company success lies with their success and we look forward to another decade working together to provide users with high-quality, extremely-effective products. Plus, we look forward to being able to recognize several other distributors who are approaching this milestone.