• Oil & Gas Degradation - <b>OBT®</b>

    Oil & Gas Degradation - OBT®

    Integration of United-Tech's OBT® in your petroleum remediation & degradation plan, speeds up the purification process while significantly reducing cleanup costs.

  • Improved Cleanup <b>Efficiency.</b>

    Improved Cleanup Efficiency.

    Treating Petroleum Contaminants before extraction lowers the cost of cleanup.

  • <b>OBT®</b> Oil Degradation Treatment

    OBT® Oil Degradation Treatment

    United-Tech provides in-depth protocols and maintenance support to remove the guesswork from your cleanup project.


Our Approach

Our formula, OBT® Oil Degradation Treatment, combined with the best technical support in the industry, provides our clients with unbeatable cleanup solutions.


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