Why are BZT® and OBT® dry powders?

We get this question a lot.  Many microbial-based products on the market come in liquid form.  Some, like United-Tech products come as a dry powder.  There are pros and cons for each type but mostly it comes down to the type of microorganisms included in the formula and long-term stability characteristics.

Some microorganisms are very sensitive and cannot be presented in a dry form or in an “off-the-shelf” liquid product.  Liquid formulations using such microorganisms must be kept refrigerated to preserve the product and offer any type of shelf life.  And even with this, weeks or months is all that can be obtained.  Such products are very temperamental and even slight breaches in proper storage can cause significant product failure.  In general, liquid products have a shorter shelf life than dry products and the latter offer greater stability and resistance to sub-optimal storage conditions.

One of the criteria used when our products are formulated is that they need to have the longest possible shelf life.  Of course, that is just one of the criteria.  Focusing only on shelf life significantly narrows the range of available microorganisms.  So a compromise has to be met between shelf life and efficacy.  This is where a very good product formulation comes into play. Selecting microorganisms that function well together under a wide array of conditions and tasks is paramount.  BZT® and OBT® formulations achieve this task while still offering the benefits of being a dry powder product.  Our product shelf lives are measured in years, not months.