Long-term Distributors Honored

Several distributors were recognized this year for their long-term commitment to BZT® and OBT® products for more than ten years.  ATC Biotechnology – Vietnam, BiWoFeng – China, BossTech – Peru, and Oversea Feeds – Philippines all have surpassed this benchmark…  Continue reading »


Data from an independent study using BZT® PRE-GE was presented at the World Aquaculture Society’s 2013 Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Show in Vietnam.  A paper, presented by Valeriano L. Corre, Jr., from the Institute of Aquaculture, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences,…  Continue reading »

Export Achievement Recognized

United-Tech was one of several Oklahoma companies nominated to receive the 2011 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting and was presented the United States Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service’s Export Achievement Certificate for accomplishments in the global marketplace.  United-Tech…  Continue reading »